Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Joys of Humiliation

So I like... Ok I love humiliation. Especially verbal humiliation. It will get me wet quicker than anything else I know. Recently when I asked sir to humiliate me he asked me how, much past the verbal stuff I drew a complete blank. So I put it to you my wonderful readers, give me some ways that sir can humiliate me!


  1. Hi Spirit. It really depends on where your kink leads you. The possibilities are endless. You could start with some soft options and have him verbal you while in the act.. like eating off the floor or off his polished shoe; have obscenities written and dicks drawn on your body; have you pee only in a bucket in the corner of the kitchen; lick his cum off a plate; or you could dabble in some waterworks; or a little public humiliation; The exploration is the fun part, so just see what gets the juices flowing.

  2. Your fantasies is exactly what men want in bed. This is why many Melbourne escorts are kinky in bed.

  3. well he can call you what you are a total fucking slut.... :)