Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Joys of Humiliation

So I like... Ok I love humiliation. Especially verbal humiliation. It will get me wet quicker than anything else I know. Recently when I asked sir to humiliate me he asked me how, much past the verbal stuff I drew a complete blank. So I put it to you my wonderful readers, give me some ways that sir can humiliate me!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Giving Up Control, It Felt Like Such a Good Idea

And it genuinely did, and usually I don't regret it, in fact I think it was one of my better moves as I trust sir and he makes me happy. And during sex he always knows the right words to say... This is not helping, as right now I'm one horny little puppy and I know he has had a bad day and don't want to ask him if I can orgasm. Fuck nuggets!

That is all. Feel free to have a giggle about this I almost certainly will tomorrow night when we're together.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Please tell me this is a bad joke. No? I've not been able to read the entire thing myself (even my masochism has it's boundaries and I have limits!) but the few exerts I have heard have made my IQ drop and the more I hear about it the less I like. It is basically from what I have heard a "How to" guide to being a bad and abusive dom. Thus making me thrilled that Sir knows his stuff. (In other news we have decided I really need pushing this weekend and both want to know how bruised my tits can get as my arse just doesn't. No really it doesn't! It used to but recently it decided that it doesn't want to any more. Ironclad was the word sir used. But that's another matter.) So I shall be writing for all those possible "Fifty Shade" refugees that stumble across my blog that are new to our dark, beautiful and slightly twisted little world, a proper how it should be done and how not to do it.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Hey, so anyway sorry I didn't post anything sooner, things have been a little crazy round here! Anyway so as you know I was on an orgasm ban. I made it through what felt like the longest three days of my entire life! And every second was worth it. But that was then and this is about yesterday!

Yesterday morning we had an empty flat to enjoy, and what started off with a warm up spanking, then moved onto a very mean wooden paddle brush that I own, then moved onto a super stingy flogger, onto a cane, then back to the brush, an over the knee spanking and finally the cane. Now my pain tolerance has been insanely low, but yesterday just pushed every single button, and most of the beating just did not register of pain, the moans and a wet patch that went down to my knees will contest to that! I have not had a chance to check out how black and blue I am yet, but I'll let you know! I've also rediscovered a huge love for nipple clamps something I was never usually able to take before. But the pain was just... exquisite is the only word for it right now.

I'd write more but I really must dash. Will give you all more of an update later in the week. Take care everyone!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Spirit Claws the Walls

So my relationship has taken a turn for the D/s and I am on an orgasm ban. I've been on it since yesterday, but I do have to masturbate three times a day until Friday. Three times and no orgasm? This is cruel but brilliant. I'm enjoying it, but it's also a little bit hellish. I had to sleep in a huge wet patch last night. I don't see him until Friday, and I can't wait as I haven't seen him since last Friday.

On Friday I'll be wearing my stockings, suspenders and my schoolgirl dress. If I really wore my old school uniform I really would not have looked sexy. It was black and shapeless and as un-sexy as humanly possible. But I digress.

Hell I'll do damn near anything to take my mind off the fact that I think my clit is developing a mind of it's own I'm so damned horny! I am trying to not think about the fact I have to masturbate five more times before Friday, all I can say is, he'd better not be over here too late on Friday!

Friday, 18 May 2012

New Relationship

I'm taking things slowly with this relationship. I have to after the past couple of years, considering the state my heart has been left in, not to mention my trust (which is still currently non-existent but I am working on that). So anyway, I see him about once, maybe twice a week. But my brain is currently going mad and shouting at me to get out before I get hurt as I am getting rather attached to him, and I promised myself that I wouldn't get attached to anyone for a long time. But here I am slowly giving my control up and dare I say it possibly falling for this one. Well I'm off to go and put my butt plug in and record myself having a wank for him as promised. Damn rules! I'm actually enjoying them.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Boyfriend's Hangovers and the Bruise On My Butt

I'm usually sort of a morning person, yes that peppy little cunt who seems to be happy and have energy. I hate those people this morning as I nurse my hangover. Although it must be said, it was totally worth it. But let me back this puppy up a couple of weeks. About three weeks ago, a friend introduced me to one of his friends. we talked a bit and meeting up for a drink was talked about but with me being busy didn't happen for a couple of weeks. Finally met up with him and we went on a date. I explained the past year or so and that I was not looking for a relationship. Which didn't stop us kissing, nor did it stop his hand ending up in my knickers. Very glad I wore a dress on our date. He has been domming me of late, but I'll save those for another post. We've been seeing each other when we've had the chance, and it has been nice. Although my pain tolerance is non-existent these days I have sadly discovered. If anyone finds it there will be a reward.

Last weekend we went for a quick drink before I met up with my friends to go clubbing. We both said non-committal and very not serious, yet he asked me this:

"When you go clubbing, do you, well, tend to pull?" Said with his hand down my jeans I might add. (So not slutty.)
"Sweetheart, I go to get off my face and dance, I have in the past, but it's far from my plan for the evening."
"Oh, ok, cool. Because, well I'd really like it if you didn't." Even I thought that was kind of cute.

So I went clubbing, and didn't pull. Fast forward a few days to yesterday. He came over to mine for the first time, an act of bravery as I always warn people I live in a very cluttered room with a broken bed. (No it didn't get broken doing that.) But he came over, he used my cane on me for the first time. I really didn't take it very, which actually really annoyed me. But, y'know it has been well over a year, I shouldn't be surprised. And that ladies and gentlemen is how I came to get the bruise on my butt. We admitted that we both really like each other, and that we are only playing with (and sleeping with) each other, but we left it at that. We finally got out of bed to get to the pub (seeing where this hangover may have come from now?) and finally ended up introducing people as "his girlfriend" which made a lot more sense than pointing in each other's general direction and saying "that's my erm. Well... S/He's with him." (Delete where appropriate.) So that's how I ended up with a boyfriend. We then went on to another pub, and then finally me and a friend as boyfriend had to get the last train home, went on to yet another place for cocktails. I don't want to know what time my drunk arse got through that door. But I'm feeling better now, and actually, kind of happy. So much for the I'm done with relationships!